Azhar School Holds Farewell Ceremony To Hundreds Of Graduates


By Gulaid Dalha

In a glitzy event, Azhar Private School has held the graduation ceremony to hundreds of students after successfully completing their studies early morning on Wednesday.

The ceremony which attracted dignitaries, religious clerics, top brass officials of Education Ministry and distinguished guests took place at Kaah hotel in Hargeisa. Addressing the ceremony, the managing director of Azhar Schools Muktar Muse Hassan better known as “Awil” has primarily thanked parents and students for their dedication, hard work and tireless efforts during their time of studying.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Mr Muktar, the managing director of Azhar schools said, “It is my pleasure to see the hard working students who are graduating from Azhar schools today. Azhar schools were established in 2007 and since then the school has been completely functional. The outgoing batches have also been continuous. I am grateful to the teachers who worked hard and who of course showed commitment and tireless efforts in making students brilliant to all subjects. My acknowledgment also goes to the dedicated parents for their collaboration with the school.”

In his remarks, the head of SLNECB exams on secondary levels, congratulated Azhar graduates for their continuous efforts, sending congratulatory messages to 8 students who sat for SLNECB exams.

Speaking at the ceremony, Muse Hayakallah, director of private schools for MoE, has spurred the students to carry on their dedication towards success. “I firstly congratulate the eight students who successfully passed their SLNECB exams. This event marks an immense pleasure for me because 62 students have successfully completed Qur’an recitation.”