The president of the Republic of Somaliland H.E. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo, cabinet ministers, House of Representatives, House of Elders, National Electoral Commission, Security Forces, fellow Somalilanders and the distinguished guests from Ethiopia, Djibouti, UK Ambassador, EU Ambassador, Swedish Ambassador, the Ambassador of Netherlands, UN officials and the international community: thank you.

I stand this glitzy ceremony today, taking the oath, keeping the huge task before us in mind, mindful for the sacrifices of those who died as martyrs for this country, kind to those who lost their property for the sake of their country, lenient for those with disabilities.

Somaliland has reached tangible achievements for the last 26 years – the country has recovered from the ravaging wars which lastly made Somaliland independent and sovereign state. We have also tackled the internal bone-of-the contentions.

Amid volatility in our neighbors, Somaliland has created a well-rehabilitated country, with a haven stability, vigilance and tranquility.

Furthermore, Somaliland has carried out four peaceful and orderly transfers of power while this is the 5th. This is verily a benchmark which vividly indicates that Somaliland has ticked the boxes of statehood. This is an exemplary move which implies how we uphold the rule of law, and the primary objective which is strengthening the democratic system of the state.

You – the citizens of Somaliland have brought those victories and triumphs without any external help or aid.

We have managed to build the state, set up a functioning government with a ripened democracy.


The Difficulties We Are Facing:


My fellow Somalilanders, although we have made significant developments in the last seven years, we still face many problems including various important unfinished accomplishments.

My first priority as president would be to tackle our most pressing issues. Today our nation is facing;

  • Crippling youth unemployment.
  • Recurring droughts.
  • Lack of recognition from the international community.

My government will work on solving these aforementioned problems from today. Undertaking such colossal is no easy matter. I pledge to:


  1. Develop the nation’s local produce and industries such as livestock, fisheries and agriculture.
  2. Create a new job creation program for the youth.


Our country has many educated and bright young people. However, the fact is most of them are unemployed.


  • My government would encourage foreign and local investment to create jobs and opportunities for our great people.
  • My government would modernize public institutions making sure they are fit for purpose.
  • My government would enact a new six month national service program to nurture nation building for young people.
  • My administration would encourage trade and innovation and would be a reliable friend to investors.
  • My government would not tolerate corruption and we shall have a zero tolerance policy on corruption.
  • Rule of law is paramount. My government will uphold the rule of law by supporting and developing Somaliland’s justice system.
  1. Developing economy
  • Somaliland creates a free zone market for business people. The state encourages international investement. Today I promise for the full security of the property of the business people.
  1. Fighting corruption
  • Corruption is a national disaster which needs to be wiped out.
  • Everyone who commits corruption or paves the way to committing it is criminal who undergoes legal measure.
  1. Judicial strengthening
  • Getting quality judiciary system facilitates upholding the rule of law
  • Good judiciary system intensifies accountability.


Principles of the New Administration:

My fellow Somalilanders, I hereby declare that my government would be your government. It will be a government which works for the people. It will be a government that reflects all Somalilanders. Government officials in my administration would be simply public servants. My government would make sure that all government workers work at least 8 hours a day.


To The International Community

My fellow partners, by all accounts, the Republic of Somaliland has completed all the requirements and the universal suffrage required for a state to be recognized. We held free and fair elections. We have also adopted a multi-party system. The Republic of Somaliland is of a paramount importance in the security of the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea.

Although the country has done all those tasks, the International Community has not yet granted an international recognition for Somaliland.

I hereby declare that Somaliland qualifies an international recognition. The International Community should realize the facts and figures presented by Somaliland which has been in quest for international recognition.


My fellow citizens of Somaliland, all those things cannot be done without your help. Together we will eradicate poverty and backwardness. Let’s put Somaliland interest first. United we stand, divided we fall. Thank you.